Release notes 3.3

Release date

Planned to November, 2013.

New features

  1. Change Priority, Impact and Urgency on existing incidents
  2. Change Classification on existing incident
  3. Send logged email from incidents w/o attachments
  4. Quick demo account start up

New features for iOS

  1. iOS 7 support (audio fixed, navigation bar overlay, graphics, etc)
  2. Revised flow – start page added and iPad screens rearranged
  3. Audio recordings are significantly smaller
  4. Comment body text displayed in list. No need to click to view

New features for Android

  1. Content refresh when swiping downwards


  1. iOS audio records in AAC-format

Release notes 3.2

New features

  1. Search added to incident lists
  2. Change sort order on incident list (Android only)
  3. Filter comments for User or System comments
  4. Pull to refresh attachments list (iOS only)
  5. Attachment loading and adding shows progress indicator
  6. Icon badge counter shows number of open tasks (iOS only)
  7. UI optimized for both phone and tablet
  8. Sequential load of start page
  9. Set affected user on new incidents
  10. Select assets from affected user
  11. Accepts auto configuration links and files
  12. Questionnaires – query the user with custom questions. Learn more at Announcing Questionnaire
  13. Color coded priority  level in listings (iOS only)


  1. iPad UI glitches
  2. Selected assets are shown when returning to the asset selection screen