Try out Mobile Servicedesk

When you create your demo account on you will receive login instructions for your account in a separate email within minutes!

The account is configured as a technician in our Symantec ServiceDesk demo environment. You can easily work with requests and tasks directly in the Mobile Servicedesk app on your mobile device or from your web browser at

If you register several accounts from the same email domain, you will be able to assign cases between the accounts.

In order to make it possible for you to do some extended testing, your demo includes two additional user accounts:
(Where companyname is replaced with your company mail domain)
The password for both users is “Mobile”.


Download Mobile Servicedesk to some of your mobile devices, log on with the different technician and user accounts and work with a few cases. Ask your colleagues to register with their email address and assign cases to each other. This way you can try out some of the great features and explore the benefits of being mobile!