Understanding Mobile Servicedesk

We have created a solution that integrates with your Symantec ServiceDesk and enables both end users and technicians to create and work with incidents on the go.

The concept

The Mobile Servicedesk ecosystem is composed of several components:

  • The Mobile Servicedesk Portal (cloud service)
  • Any number of mobile devices, iOS or Android, running the Mobile Servicedesk app
  • Your own installation of Symantec ServiceDesk


Although the Mobile Servicedesk is delivered as a service, at no point does incident data or user credentials traverse any of our servers – your data is as secure as it is today!

Mobile Servicedesk Portal

The purpose of the Mobile Servicedesk portal is to provide configuration instructions to the app and gather statistical usage data. The portal is where Administrators configure and grant mobile access to Symantec ServiceDesk and defines witch features should be available in the app.

The portal is also where administrators access and review statistical data about their mobile users.


Mobile Devices

Users and technicians are using mobile devices to access their Symantec ServiceDesk. The first time the app launches you provide it with a configuration key to withhold information and configuration from the Mobile Servicedesk Portal, including the actual linking to your Symantec ServiceDesk solution. To log in to ServiceDesk via the app users provide their email address and Symantec ServiceDesk password.

Deployment of configuration key and links to get the app installed on your iOS or Android device could easily be automated and administrators are able send out invitations from the portal.

From the app, users can submit incidents and provide information, and follow it´s progress by the technician who is able to work on the go using the solution. Like users, technicians only use the app and not the Mobile Servicedesk Portal. The difference is that technicians typically have access to more features in the app itself and access to support cues that are defined in the Symantec ServiceDesk.


Symantec ServiceDesk

Mobile Servicedesk enable end users and analysts to connect with your Symantec ServiceDesk allowing them to create, work, follow and resolve incidents on the go. Configuration done in Symantec ServiceDesk such as user account and group membership for handling assignments and queues are transparent and accessible from the app.

Feature list

Mobile Servicedesk Portal administrators are able to configure witch features should be available to their users and/or technicians in the app from the Mobile Servicedesk portal.

Some of the features you can choose from:

  • Attach image
  • Attach audio
  • Add location
  • Set priority
  • Set classification
  • Set urgency
  • Set impact
  • Set affected user (Power feature) 
  • Assign tech
  • Set own asset(s)
  • Show questionnaire
  • View/edit priority
  • View/edit status
  • View assets
  • Add comment
  • Change comment
  • View/edit classifications on existing incident (Power feature)
  • View/edit impact on existing incident (Power feature)
  • View/edit urgency on existing incident (Power feature)
  • Resolve (Power feature) 
  • Resolve w/o comment (Power feature)
  • View/edit assignment
  • Take ownership


Features marked with (Power feature) require that Mobile Servicedesk custom workflow is implemented on the Symantec ServiceDesk server.


The makers behind Mobile Servicedesk

Want to know how Mobile Servicedesk started? Well keep on reading.

The makers behind Mobile Servicedesk is a company called Zitac Consulting located in Gothenburg in Sweden, Europe. It was founded by six dedicated individuals with diverse backgrounds in the IT industry. Common to all members who was also the first employees was that they all had long experience in the industry and they had worked together before.

The fact that a company is profitable is obviously hugely important, and after a few years of establishment in the market, it was time for Zitac to recruit new talents. We have since that time had a growth of 20 – 30% per year and today we are about 50 colleagues at Zitac.

Zitac is a recognized Symantec Platinum partner with many years experience in working, developing and supporting our customers globally. We have also been working with Altiris since 2001 and performed our first successful Symantec ServiceDesk installation the same day as it´s official release. Zitac is today Platinum Partner and one of the most technically accredited Symantec Management Platform partners worldwide.

About a year ago an idea came up to make the ServiceDesk more mobile and flexible. Said and done, some very smart people sat down and started to create what later became Mobile Servicedesk. Since then the team that works with Mobile Servicedesk is bigger and has a lot of different backgrounds to make the best solution possible.

If you want to know even more about Zitac, check out our website http://zitac.se/

Introducing the Mobile Servicedesk portal

The purpose of the Mobile Servicedesk portal is twofold – firstly to provide configuration instructions to the mobile apps and secondly to gather statistical usage data.

It is important to note that no Symantec ServiceDesk data is sent to or through the portal – all ServiceDesk communication is performed between the app and your Symantec ServiceDesk installation.

Mobile users will by default provide statistical data to the portal. This includes GPS positioning data each time an incident is submitted. Of course, a user can actively deny the app to provide GPS location altogether.

As stated, there is a number of elements partaking in the eco system of Mobile Servicedesk. Users and technicians are using mobile devices to access their Symantec ServiceDesk. Administrators configure and grant mobile access via the portal, where they also access statistical data about their mobile users.

Users are only using their mobile devices and running the Mobile Servicedesk app. They do not interact with the portal. They are providing their email address and their specified configuration key to start their app with the right configuration.

Like users, technicians only use the app and not the portal. The difference is that technicians typically have access to more features in the app itself.

Administrators have access to the Mobile Servicedesk portal. They can configure the ServiceDesk URL, grant user access and view statistical data.

Mobile Servicedesk launches with a blast!

Las Vegas, NV, 2013-04-20 At Symantec Vision in Las Vegas we officially launched our iOS and Android app called Mobile Servicedesk. The response was overwhelming and nothing short of a success!

Partners and customers signed up for test accounts and got the app running on their mobile devices on the spot. Visitors to our booth immediately recognized the potential of Mobile Servicedesk and how it would empower their end users and technician tremendously.