Mobile Servicedesk update for Symantec Serviedesk 7.5 SP1

Mobile Servicedesk update for Symantec Servicedesk 7.5 SP1

Symantec Servicedesk 7.5 SP1 introduced some security hardenings that are incompatible with Mobile Servicedesk 3.4 and previous.

In order to use Mobile Servicedesk with SP1 some changes are required:

  • the app must be upgraded to version 3.5
  • some changes must be applied to the Symantec Servicedesk 7.5 SP1 installation as described below

Note that version 3.5 will seamlessly detect wether SP1 is active or not.

Required changes in Symantec Servicedesk 7.5 SP1

Create missing rights in the system

  1. Navigate to https://<servicedesk>/ProcessManager/Userman/PermissionList1.aspx as administrator.
  2. Create the right Application Properties.Access

Note that the right ApplicationProperties.Access (no spacing between Application and Properties) already exists. Unfortunately, due to a bug (?) in SP1, this right is not used, but instead the right we created above.

Assign rights

In order for users to have access to the App, they must have the right Application Properties.Access.
The simplest way here is to assign that right to all the groups to which app users belongs.

Note that this is typically not necessary for members of the Administrators group.