Introducing the Mobile Servicedesk portal

The purpose of the Mobile Servicedesk portal is twofold – firstly to provide configuration instructions to the mobile apps and secondly to gather statistical usage data.

It is important to note that no Symantec ServiceDesk data is sent to or through the portal – all ServiceDesk communication is performed between the app and your Symantec ServiceDesk installation.

Mobile users will by default provide statistical data to the portal. This includes GPS positioning data each time an incident is submitted. Of course, a user can actively deny the app to provide GPS location altogether.

As stated, there is a number of elements partaking in the eco system of Mobile Servicedesk. Users and technicians are using mobile devices to access their Symantec ServiceDesk. Administrators configure and grant mobile access via the portal, where they also access statistical data about their mobile users.

Users are only using their mobile devices and running the Mobile Servicedesk app. They do not interact with the portal. They are providing their email address and their specified configuration key to start their app with the right configuration.

Like users, technicians only use the app and not the portal. The difference is that technicians typically have access to more features in the app itself.

Administrators have access to the Mobile Servicedesk portal. They can configure the ServiceDesk URL, grant user access and view statistical data.

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