Configuring your Mobile Servicedesk portal

The Mobile Servicedesk app needs to be configured to properly connect to Symantec ServiceDesk. This configuration is conveniently served by the portal. The only thing the app needs to provide is the email address of the user and a so called configuration key. These two values are used to ensure that the email address is a valid user of the specified ServiceDesk. No authorization is done by the portal, as it will be handled by the Symantec ServiceDesk at a later stage.

Setting up an organization for the first time

To configure an organization you will need to do the following:
1.    Specify your Symantec ServiceDesk URL
2.    Enable features
3.    Create a configuration key
4.    Grant access to users and technicians

All the above listed steps are detailed under each respective paragraph.
Start by logging in at with account received by your reseller or Zitac Consulting.

Symantec ServiceDesk connection

Specify the URL and version of your Symantec ServiceDesk installation.



If the URL is publicly available, you can use the Diagnose button at the bottom of the page to verify connectivity.

Note that it is not required for the portal to be able to access your ServiceDesk as long as your mobile devices can. This situation could typically arise if your ServiceDesk is only available within your Wi-Fi or with a VPN connection.

Public name

The public name is what will be displayed in the Mobile Servicedesk app once it has connected

Feature configuration

App feature availability is controlled from the portal. Administrators can turn on and off specific features.

Feature availability is specific for standard users and technicians. Typically technicians get a broader array of functionality as they will be working incidents and users are merely reporting them.

Some features cannot be enabled for standard users but are exclusively available for technicians, for example the option to resolve an incident.

Configuration key

The configuration key is a unique identifier of your configuration. You may choose it freely.

The key should be distributed to your users and technicians, whom will enter it in their apps to retrieve the configuration from the portal.

Changing an existing key will lock all your users out of the app until they change their key.



Each unique user and technician uses one slot each in your license. The license count is displayed in the portal and updates as users and technicians connect their apps.
Your license also has an expiration date which is displayed at the licensing page in the portal.

Access control

Before you are ready to invite users to Mobile Servicedesk, you need to grant them access, instructions are found in the following article:
Configure users and access control for Mobile Servicedesk

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