Configure user and access control for Mobile Servicedesk

An app user authorizes himself against Symantec ServiceDesk, but before that happens, his email address must be verified against the Mobile Servicedesk portal. Administrators can either enter specific email addresses which are granted access, or they simply provide a domain to grant all email addresses within that domain access.

Granting access

Granting access is done in two ways – specific users per individual email address and/or general, by entire domain.

Specific access

To grant a specific user access, add his/her email address on the active users tab.

General access

To grant all users of a specific domain, enter the domain name on the domains tab.

Identifying technicians

Technicians are identified by their email. On the portal you simply enter the email addresses of all your technicians.


If you are granting user access with the domain specification feature, you might want to exclude some specific individuals, this is called blacklisting.
Just enter the email addresses of the blacklisted user on the blacklist tab to shut them out.


Send invitations to your users to provide them with app download links and  configuration key.

Manage Administrators

The term administrators refer to administrators of the portal website and they do not have to be users or technicians of the app. Being an administrator does not grant app access nor does it uses any licensing slots.

Granting administrator access is done as follows:
1.    Add the email address on the administrators tab.
2.    Ask the becoming administrator to go to the sign in page of the portal website and do one of the following:
a.    Log in using Google.
b.    Request a new password.


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