Announcing Questionnaire, new in 3.2

With the 3.2 release of Mobile Servicedesk we introduce a completely new feature: a questionnaire which optionally launches when you are about to create a new incident. The questions in this questionnaire are composed by you as an administrator, and the responses are inserted into the incident description text.

Android screenshot iPhone screenshot

Screenshots from Android and iPhone respectively.

ServiceDesk technicians benefits greatly from improved incident descriptions and with the questionnaire feature you can make sure the right questions gets asked.

The questionnaire is composed by administrators on the Mobile Servicedesk portal and does not require any modifications in the Symantec ServiceDesk installation.



A questionnaire can consist of several questions and each question can be required or optional to be answered. The responses are collected and inserted at the top of the incident description.

Online questionnaire editor

questionnaire smallThe questionnaire is constructed and composed online at the Mobile Servicedesk portal. You can quickly create, edit and arrange the questions in your web browser.

Different answer types

A questionnaire consists of multiple questions and each question accepts one of the following answer types:questionnaire edit small

  • Single line of text
  • Multiple lines of text
  • One or more selectable answers (checkboxes or radio buttons)
  • No answer at all (the question is a statement)

Conditional branching

questionnaire leads smallWhen composing your questionnaire, you can also define paths, meaning that the next question depends on the answer you leave. This way users aren’t exposed to irrelevant questions.

How to enable a questionnaire

Activating the questionnaire functionality is done in two steps on the Mobile Servicedesk portal:

  1. Create your questionnaire
  2. Activate the questionnaire feature

A good advice is to start with enabling the questionnaire feature for technicians and try it out before rolling it out to your users.

That’s it! Now go on and improve your incident input!

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